Manila, October 14, 2015 — George Sison is delighted to announce that his book “Divine Kulam” is now out in the market. The book talks about spiritual mind treatment. Unlike the usual meaning of the word “kulam,” this material can help improve and heal relationships.  It explains the principle that everybody uses just “One Mind.”

From the author of “I am Rich, Well and Happy.” George Sison has come up with another inspirational book that will definitely inspire you to have a good relationship with the others and with God. He is a spiritual leader that has inspired many people through his meditation booklets.  His writings aim to change lives for the better by expanding the awareness about ONE GOD for all religion and creed. He also behind the inspirational books like “You Are God As You” and “A Miracle Awaits You.”

“You Are God As you summarizes everything the author teaches in his IAMISM advocacy,” according to Leila Nicasio, an Entrepreneur. “It can serve as your companion and constant reminder on staying focused. I find this book a valuable guide not just for everyday living, but for tapping one's divine potential as well. If you take to heart and follow George Sison's formulas for prosperity and peace of mind, something wonderful will happen in your life.”

“I am an Iamist.” George Sison is not simply an inspirational and religious writer. He is a poet, painter, actor, producer, TV personality.  He is a great guru and his services include a request prayer, spiritual education and prayers for calamity. He founded the Temple of Prayer, Peace, and Prosperity (TOPPP) and was a member the International New Thought Alliance Executive Board.

George Sison is an inspirational lecturer and known for motivating people to have a better life. To learn more about him and his books, visit his website at You can also check “Who is George Sison” on YouTube.

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