With scores of luxury chalet companies to choose from and all of them professing to offer ´outstanding service‘, ´excellent food & ´the very best staff‘, how do you sort the good from the bad & the ugly? What about using previous guests comments as a guide, the ´All your staff were very friendly, helpful and courteous at all times‘ James from London? Chalet companies websites & brochures are awash with such comments. Yet how do you know if these comments are genuine or edited? How do you know if the company has simply cherry picked the best quotes? When you are choosing which chalet company to spend your annual ski holiday with, what you really need is independent, genuine feedback, the sort of feedback that is available on eBay which enables customers to rate sellers so you can decide if you trust the seller before you buy.

There is one chalet company that has introduced just such a feedback method. The Alpine Club, a small boutique chalet specialising exclusively in St Martin de Belleville, 3 valleys, are the first chalet company to provide genuine independent feedback. Company Owner, Helen Raemers, explains ´We wanted to provide our guests with an independent feedback method, so they‘d have the anonymity to say exactly what they thought about their holiday & this feedback could then be read by potential guests to genuinely find out what an Alpine Club holiday is really like‘.

Although The Alpine Club already use a number of feedback tools & they have the added benefit of the company owners managing the business hands on which enables them to build good open relationships with their guests, The Alpine Club continuously focus on service & quality. ´Looking after our guests exceptionally well‘, said Helen, ´is our passion & our goal; it is the very essence of our company. We want guest feedback; it is vital for us to know what we‘re doing right, what we‘re doing wrong & how we can continuously improve‘.

With a recommendation from one of their business partners, New Generation Ski School, The Alpine Club signed up to Feefo (Feedback Forum).

Bill Cawley, founder of Feefo, explains that Feefo emails only bona fide consumers who can then provide comments and a rating for the product or service received, which is posted on both the Feefo site and the businesses own site. Customer responses are not changed or edited in any way to ensure a completely independent, word of mouth experience for customers.

Commenting on the importance of Feefo to business, Helen Raemers said ´Feefo gives our guests the chance to rate our service & their experience. Whatever they say, good or bad, is posted onto our website for the whole world to see. Because Feefo is independent we cannot edit or change guest responses in any way. For potential guests, looking to book a holiday with The Alpine Club they can read 100% accurate reviews. This gives them the very best insight into an Alpine Club holiday. This was a bit scary at first, but I am delighted to see the early results‘.

So when you are bamboozled by an array of chalet companies proclaiming Mrs Jones of Shropshire had the best chalet holiday ever, check out if the website has a Feefo logo, and if it has click on it to read genuine reliable feedback about the company whose hands you are putting your very important ski holiday in.

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