Brighton, Colorado, USA; 18, February 2016: For people who love the taste of the Italian biscotti, Genovas Biscotti has an irresistible offer. They are offering a 10% discount on the first order of the delicious and handmade traditional Italian biscotti. They have a wide variety of biscotti to suit the palates of different individuals. One can choose from cranberry almond biscotti to double chocolate biscotti, each type having their authentic taste and a unique set of ingredients.

The Genova Family uses fresh and seasonal ingredients to prepare Italian biscotti. The handmade cookies are hand baked and hand cut and they carry a lot of love and care of the family members. The cookies are also packed by hand and one can buy biscotti online from their website. The website features a spectacular array of cookies, including seasonal, flavorful, traditional, sweet and savory biscotti. One can purchase almond biscotti cookies that contain toasted almonds and an orange flavor. One can enjoy these cookies at breakfast with fresh orange juice.

Customers can enjoy Italian almond biscotti and can serve it to their guests as well. These delicate almond cookies are delicious and nutritious also. They also have chocolate cherry biscotti that contain dried tart cherries and pieces of dark chocolate. One can crumble it over chocolate ice cream and can enjoy a unique dessert. Customers can choose from other types of cookies, including chocolate chip biscotti, chocolate peppermint biscotti, cranberry almond orange biscotti, and several other exclusive flavors.

Genovas Biscotti brings a simple and affordable way of relishing on authentic Italian biscotti. One can enjoy these Italian cookies with tea, coffee or juices and can use them to prepare a variety of recipes as well. The Genova Family allows people to enjoy the taste of Italian chocolate biscotti in a variety of ways, and these cookies can be served on different occasions to please the guests. They are also offering a 5% off on all seasonal items and free shipping for each order over $35.

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About Genovas Biscotti:

Genovas Biscotti offers traditional Italian biscotti, prepared using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients that taste better. All cookies are handmade, hand-baked, hand-cut and hand-packed to help maintain the quality that also come packed with the love and dedication. They have different varieties of Italian cookies and they also offer discounts for customers to enjoy the authentic Italian biscotti at an affordable price.

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