(Free Pressrelease) Paris, France, July 27, 2010. Genosphere Biotechnologies now offers PepLibâ„¢, custom peptide library synthesis for high throughput screening programs to life science companies and academic research institutions.

PepLibâ„¢ is a proprietary peptide synthesis platform utilizing fmoc chemistry enabling enhanced high throughput peptide screening processes. Large numbers of peptides may be synthesized simultaneously and delivered lyophilzed in a convenient 96-well arrays quickly at a very affordable price. All peptides are controled by mass spectroscopy. Many modifications are available for incorporation including non natural amino acid residues. PepLibâ„¢ is the cost-effective quality-certified libraries you‘ve been looking for.

About Genosphere Biotechnologies

Genosphere Biotechnologies, with major offices and facilities in France, Germany and the UK, is an international provider of antibodies production and design services, peptide synthesis products, gene synthesis services, and protein sequencing services for academic and industrial research. The company‘s strength is its strong customer orientation, fast service, and high quality.

For further information, please visit our website at: www.genosphere-biotech.com.