, the innovative 3D internet site, has adapted its MultiSearch technology for the internet shopper making it easier, quicker and more fun to shop online.

Conveniently arranged into 11 separate zones MultiSearch for Shopping is set within Gemsta‘s iconic 3D environment and includes Women‘s Fashion, Sports, Flowers & Gifts and Baby & Child with many more to come ( Future versions will allow users to design their own personal shopping centres by selecting their favourite brands and creating their own MultiSearch areas. Users select their preferred brands from the choice in each zone, enter a search term and generate results direct from multiple retail sites.

“Currently most people‘s online shopping experience tends to work from one of two extremes,” explains Richard Laing, Chief Executive of Gemsta Ltd. “We either go directly to a favourite retailer or use a shopping comparison site that trawls through several thousand brands. Individual searches can be very time consuming an whilst shopping comparison sites are great for products like electronics where you know exactly what you want, they often don‘t work so well for products like clothing or gifts,” he continues. “Try searching for a ´dress‘ from a comparison shopping site and it is likely to bring up all manner of results ranging from a Spider Girl fancy dress outfit to a Wedding Dress - if what you are after is a stylish outfit for the weekend then neither of these are going to help much!”

Gemsta‘s MultiSearch for Shopping addresses this by allowing users to select their preferred brands first and then generate search results directly from the retailer‘s sites - the effect is much better results which more closely match the user‘s requirement, arranged by retailer.

“ is all about making the internet experience more like real life through the use of immersive 3D environments and more intuitive technology,” explains Jonathan Franklin, Managing Director of Gemsta Ltd. “Real life shopping experiences revolve around great brands and informed choices; consumers love the speed and efficiency of online shopping, but they also want the kind of choice and diversity that they can find on a shopping trip to London or Paris. By providing the opportunity to refine searches by brand is delivering a better shopping experience, without taking away any of the convenience.”

More shopping areas are being developed all the time with new themes based upon both types of product and lifestyle.

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