For teachers, the country of Turkey represents an essential topic for a variety of subjects. History instructors discuss the evolution of the city of Istanbul. Music teachers introduce the lutes, harps, and flutes used for Turkish traditional music. Religion professors discuss the importance of the region in the development of Christianity and Islam. Despite the importance of Turkey, though, many teachers have never been there, and Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) is thrilled help teachers do just that with its summer teacher travel to Turkey.

GEEO’s mission is to provide global awareness through discounted teacher travel, as described at . This 15-day tour of Turkey begins and ends in the historically significant and culturally vibrant Istanbul, where teachers will explore some of the greatest mosques and palaces of human history. Roam the charming seaside town of Antalya, and rock to sleep onboard a boat under the stars of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover the ancient cities of Ephesus and Troy, and be inspired by St. John's Basilica and the mosque of Isa Bey. Following the trip, GEEO outlines plans for students to benefit from these travel opportunities for teachers on their website at . Furthermore, GEEO includes sample lesson plans from other teachers that took advantage of the company’s discounted teacher travel, found at

GEEO’s programs offer the perfect blend of structured guidance and freedom to explore that make it a leading source for summer travel.

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A non-profit organization based in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) is the preeminent source for global travel opportunities for teachers. Using simple accommodations and transportation, GEEO’s mission is to make travel affordable and inspiring.

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