Even if the gay and lesbian population is a valued and vibrant part of our society, they are not always understood and accepted.  This is why LGBT support in Denver (that is, if you live there) is very important, so that they will not become victims of discrimination, harassment and exploitation. If you are a gay or lesbian, myriad of ways can help you advocate for yourself and all alike.  For one, you can join the many support groups, some of which are only a few miles away in Denver, Colorado. Here are 3 of them.


Lesbian Connection is an LGBT support group only 6.2 miles away in Denver that has 1000+ members.  This group accepts single as well as lesbian couples (women) to network, date, make friends and do social activities with other like-minded lesbians. Any lesbian with great attitude and interested in making friends is welcome to join the group.


Denver Lesbian Writing Group, like the Denver Lesbian Book Club, has members who like to read and write.  This LGBT support group aims to support seasoned and aspiring lesbian writers in Denver and all throughout Colorado.  They share their workshop ideas and sources of inspirations and they read their works.  The group has 61 writers and is only 5.7 miles away in Denver, Colorado.


Women Who Love the Outdoors is a bit farther away at 10.2 miles in Denver and has 475 members.  This LGBT support group in Denver is called Artemis Adventure.  This is a lesbian organization and accepts all women who love outdoor activities like camping, bird watching, fishing, hiking, backpacking and bouldering, photographing, etc.


It is not only the LGBT community who are aided by these support groups, but also people who are experiencing mood disorder, which is characterized by negative feelings.  There are many ways to treat a mood disorder — therapies (talk therapy or psychotherapy), medicines, self-help, support groups and in extreme cases electroconvulsive therapy.  All these can help treat your mood disorder, make you feel normal, empower you with the capability to cope with difficult events. All of this can help you to lead a happy life.

It can be frustrating to live with a mood disorder, especially due to the fact that a big part of the population does not understand the nature of this illness. An individual who has a mood disorder for his /her families can feel stigmatized.  This is the reason why support groups are available for people suffering from mood disorders. 


A mood disorder is manageable.  Even with this type of illness, you can lead a life that is full and productive. Joining a support group can help you live a fulfilling life and you can also help others cope with this illness. You can share with others some information that you may have learned, such as a coping skill, a new kind of treatment or a success story. It is a place to interact with others suffering from the same illness as yours. By sharing your experiences, others learn from you and vice-versa, and this interaction can help you feel better too. 


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