Trabuco Canyon, California — Garage Remedy is California’s most flexible garage organization company, offering homeowners the best way to organize their garage and make them safe, clean and usable. Garage Remedy helps those who want to organize their garages do so with flexible solutions. Additionally, they offer some tips for combining different types of storage systems to meet all storage needs and add beauty and utility to their garages.

When homeowners begin making changes to garage spaces, they often think in a limited way such as installing some shelves or hanging pegboard on the walls. These changes may be useful but may not meet overall storage needs adequately.

The key to having a useful space is to combine several types of storage options. Not all items can be stored in the same way, so simply adding one type of storage component may solve some but not all storage problems.

Three types of components of garage shelving systems make up the basis of a well-planned garage organization scheme: shelves, hooks and cabinets. With these three components, homeowners can quickly organize their garages and allow for future changes as storage needs change.

- Shelving. Any good garage storage must include shelving. Upper-wall shelving units allow garage owners to place heavy and bulky objects out of the way and to store rarely-used items in a safe and practical way. Shelving must be the right depth to hold items but offer easy access and must be strong enough to bear weight without bowing or collapsing.

- Hooks. A system of bars and hooks such as that offered by the Monkey Bars system is essential in creating useable and changeable storage. With hooks attached to a bar system, homeowners can quickly hang up tools, camping equipment, wheelbarrows and other items so that they can be accessed quickly but are organized and out of the way when not in use.

- Cabinets. For items that need more protection or to organize groups of small objects, cabinets are essential. Cabinets provide closed, protected storage options and can be configured in a variety of ways to meet different storage needs. They also give a beautiful, finished appearance to any garage space, moving clutter out of the line of sight to make the garage appear cleaner and neater.

Homeowners may also wish to finish garage floors with sealers and finishes that cut down on dust and dirt and complete the new, organized and finished look of the garage space. At Garage Remedy, their skilled staff is among the best at garage cabinet installation and can make recommendations on the best garage organizers .

About Garage Remedy:

Garage Remedy helps homeowners all over California transform garage spaces into beautiful and functional areas that easily organize all their storage items with versatile and durable components. With the help of the Monkey Bars system, heavy-duty shelving and the Ulti-MATE Cabinet system, Garage Remedy can revolutionize garage storage. With beautiful floor finishes, Garage Remedy can transform a garage from ugly to beautiful instantly.

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