4th April 2013– San Diego top residential remodeling company, HK Construction is today officially launching a new promotion focusing on the modeling and expansion aspect of the home, as one of the prevailing concerns of most home owners is whether there is enough space for needed expansion.

According to owner Marc Gieselmann that is fact is borne out by HK Construction’s remodeling experts who have come to recognized that now many homeowners can’t afford homes with enough space to facilitate future expansion.

“Having considering children, pets, immediate family and extended family, a typical response of a homeowner might be ‘let’s buy a bigger house’, but that’s often times so expensive that it’s impractical,” notes Gieselmann, who promotes a more cost-effective (and less stressful) option that’s designed to convert an already existing room into more living space such as a bedroom, a family room, a personal gym or even a place to do laundry.

Noting that an ideal area to convert is the garage when it comes to looking at expansion and remodeling to accommodate more space, the HK Construction owner says many homes these days come with an attached garage, and if the space isn’t being utilized for another purpose — it can be made into something more useful.

An extra room added to an already full house can be a deciding factor whether to have another child, inviting an elderly family member to come stay, or any number of guest visitations from friends or family. This, according to what the home remodeling expert says, can easily be facilitated with the conversion of the garage into another room.

Pointing out that the garage is typically somewhat removed from the house and perhaps a little quieter, Gieselmann explains that this can also be true for a child returning home, from college — or just to stay a little while, and just as important for the parents that may be accustomed to a quieter atmosphere.

The slight removal from the main house, he says, can also serve to add a sense of autonomy for whoever happens to be staying.

However, according to Gieselmann, the most important part of garage conversion is perhaps its versatility. “If the garage is unused, it can fill any number of different roles, and just because it has been remodeled into a gym, office, or laundry room — doesn’t stop it from filling another role later,” adds Gieselmann.

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