Kennels are catteries are no longer the just fancy homes for pets that are more aesthetic enhancements to yards than a living condition for the animals. Over time, people have taken an interest in keeping bigger animals as pets and their requirements of keeping the animals have proliferated. Even lapdogs of today are not housed in small kennels that barely offer enough room for dogs. Galvanized kennels are their bigger, stand-alone equivalents that the now-preferred homes of pet dogs. Even cattery manufacturer companies have brought in a whole bunch of variety and innovation in their units.


The first merit of galvanized kennels is obvious. These steely cages have their advantage of resistance to all weather conditions. They are normally stationed in the yard because of their jumbo size. They are purposely galvanized to make them resistant against all weather conditions. So, rain or sleet, the kennels can stand up to the prevailing weather conditions without getting rusty. Thus, depreciation is not an instant thing with these cages. Have them painted every two years to maintain the homes. Do not house in the pets immediately after the coating is done. Dogs are no fan of the strong smell of paint.

Tolerance to Tension

The galvanized kennels are made of stainless steel. The bars might not be unnecessarily thick, but are strong enough to last for years. Even attempts of encroachment from outside can be resisted by the tough steel lattices of these cages. Adding to that, the double wielding of the joints adds greater tensile strength to the units. Even after years of use, the units do not fall apart from failing of joints. The units come in different designs, but their integrity is more or less that same in all the cases.


Galvanized kennels are mostly big in dimension as compared to the smaller, fancier ones. These kennels are not portable and come fully assembled. The delivery men install the kennel at a levelled space in the yard and then on, it is good to use. Making use of its great size, the kennels too have a good amount of space inside. You can easily keep two or more dogs in the standard size units. Alternately, you can also order a bigger one to keep more than a couple of pets. There are some kennels that come with a compartmentalized design. The dogs can thus be made to live in separate sections or one common space, depending on their comfort.

The units have feeder plates where you can serve them meals. The dishes can be easily emptied and refilled every time. The units can be locked from outside with a regular padlock to avoid any attempt of intrusion. Your dogs are thus safely and comfortably home, whether or not you are around.

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