A Year 10 class of potential future London wedding dress designers recently benefitted from a significant endorsement, when industry professional Louisa Scott visited their school to instruct them on how to make a corset.

The girls, who are studying Textiles at Sherborne Girls School, were pleasantly surprised by having the designer visit their college last month, to help them with their corset-making project. Louisa Scott is a well-known name in Britain’s fashion design industry, and her input will no doubt have proven valuable to these young girls.

To demonstrate how best to make a corset, the designer brought several examples of her work along to Sherborne Girls School. These ranged across all the most popular styles, and were used to demonstrate the different techniques and methods involved in the fabrication of a garment of this type.

Much to their delight, the Year 10 pupils were allowed to freely interact with the pieces brought along by Ms. Scott, familiarising themselves with the materials and potentially using them as a starting point from which to derive ideas of their own. They were also allowed to try on each of the bodices, in order to understand how such an item of clothing should sit on a woman’s body.

This important session with an established industry name was, by all accounts, inspirational for the girls who make up the class. In the wake of the designer’s visit to their school, several of the pupils mentioned having drawn some ideas from the pieces brought along by Ms. Scott, with many also stating the intent to include these ideas in future pieces of their own.

Louisa Scott’s main claims to fame were as a costume designer, in which capacity she worked for the Royal Opera House and the English National Opera. The London Fashion College, where she studied, is likely to be a dream destination for many of the girls at Sherborne Girls School. There is no doubt several might want to emulate the designer’s latest fashion venture and become London wedding dress designers in their own right.

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