Blackberry has left its users more than satisfied with the innumerable functionalities including multimedia, quick internet browsing, sending messages over emails etc. This wireless mobile phone has catered to a variety of users owing to the varied features and facilities it has offered. Launched in the year 1999 as a pager device, it later transformed into a smart phone in 2002. Blackberry is owned by Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian company. It has now reached every type of user. Whether it is business men, professionals or students everyone wants it. Its main benefit or usefulness lies in the applications it offers. Blackberry apps development geared up and resulted in a number of innovative apps. Technology development has no destination. With improving technology, there are new apps introduced by Blackberry apps development companies. One such company that has been in the apps development field from the time Blackberry has been launched is Fusion Informatics. Being at the forefront of the IT industry with its twelve years of experience, Fusion Informatics has made a name for itself.


Equipped with a team of apps developers it offers apps development services for iPhone, iPad, Android along with Blackberry. Blackberry applications are developed by developers at Fusion Informatics after taking into consideration the expectations of the client. The process flow is made after the idea is developed. Fusion Informatics developers have the skill to develop bespoke applications. They are experienced and have detailed knowledge about building custom UI and layout controls. They also have in-depth knowledge about Java, C++ and related frameworks. Utilizing high end technology, these developers develop innovative and user friendly applications.


The team of developers works dedicatedly to accomplish the needs of the client. They not only consider the requirements of the client but they also keep in view that the application does not perplex the users and it is easy to navigate through it. Fusion Informatics also provides training to clients so that they can use the customized applications in the right way.


Fusion Informatics offers the following Blackberry Apps Development Services:

  • Blackberry Website Development

  • Blackberry OS 4.5 / 5.0 / 6.0 Apps Development

  • Blackberry Business Apps Development

  • Blackberry Enterprise Apps Development

  • Blackberry Social Networking Apps

  • Development

  • GPS / LBS based Apps Development

  • Blackberry Push / Google Map based Apps

  • Development

  • Blackberry App Developer

  • Blackberry Mobile Apps Development


Fusion Informatics Ltd is a top notch IT solutions provider that offers different development services in PHP, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry applications etc. This people oriented organization believes in relationships as the basis of business. Equipped with a team of highly skilled software engineers and web developers it has built a name for itself when it comes to the IT development arena. It was founded in 2000 and is today successful as an ISO 9001 - 2008 certified web and software Development Company in India.