Android apps development has gained much popularity owing to the simple yet attractive android applications. Companies are gearing up themselves by being updated with new tools and technologies required to develop android applications. Existing IT companies are extending their services in the area of android apps development. The popularity of android apps has also encouraged new companies to emerge to provide apps development services. Mobile apps development is a vast arena that has encouraged the growth of many companies. Fusion Informatics, the leading IT development company, is a mobile apps development company from the last twelve years. It has proved itself in the field of web, software and mobile development in a span of twelve years. It has recently completed five years in the field of android apps development.


Armed with a team of talented and experienced developers, Fusion Informatics has accomplished a number of projects for its clients in different parts of the world. The android apps developers at Fusion Informatics have deep knowledge about the tools and technologies utilized in the Android Software Development Kit or SDK. These developers work dedicatedly for accomplishing the projects. They also have detailed knowledge about Java programming. They have developed a number of applications for games, sending documents, finance, business, entertainment, puzzles etc. They utilize high end technologies that meet the expectations of the client.


In the first phase they understand the requirements of the client. Then, the android developers prepare a process flow to accomplish the apps development project. Once the application is built they test it. After it is ensured that the application is working well, they help the client in submitting the project to the Google Play Store. Once the application is approved, they help the clients in marketing the application. If for some reasons the application does not get approved they make modifications in it and resubmit the application.


Following are the Android application development services offered by Fusion Informatics:


  • Android Mobile Application Development

  • Android Catalogue Application Development

  • Android Business Application Development

  • Android Enterprise Application Development

  • Android Compatible Mobile Website Development

  • Android Digital eBook Development

  • Android Social Networking Application

  • Android GPS, Bluetooth, Push APIs, Google MAP integration

  • Porting Web App to Android Platform

  • Porting iOs App to Android Apps

  • 2.1 ,23 and 4.2 SDK Compatible Android Apps Development