Fort Lauderdale, FL — Providing high quality Fort Lauderdale plumbing services takes years of experience and trusted, expert training. But nowadays, it’s equally important for plumbers to have the most technologically advanced operation systems. Douglas Orr Plumbing has recently made significant advances in its own technology, investing in a completely paperless system.

Now, Douglas Orr boasts about their reliable plumbers and their most efficient, convenient paperless records system. The company implemented the system in early 2012 and has since converted its entire operating system. This change entails documenting, sorting, and filing all documents electronically, so personnel have easy access to legal documents, submittals, and contractor correspondence.

For clients, this means not having to wait a serviceman to sift through mounds of paperwork in order to mail a copy of a needed record or inspection date. Through this new technology can access, attach, and send anything a customer or contractor might need.

Last month, Douglas Orr Plumbing rolled out iPhones for all of their service plumbers and all new-construction plumbers. The company sees value in the ability to communicate with the office, take pictures and video in the field, and provide the customer accurate pricing information.

With this new technology, technicians are able to take photos of parts or needed materials and send them back to the office, decreasing the time it takes to have components ordered and delivered. The company can also provide plumbing services efficiently by filling out work order forms electronically using signature capture.

They can also offer this convenience to customers using credit card capture. The goal of this Fort Lauderdale plumber is to transition all of its service technicians into being completely paperless in the very near future.

Look for more Fort Lauderdale plumbing upgrades as Douglas Orr prepares to consistently invest in its use of technology in the field.

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