China - Does the freshest fruit and vegetable must be better than any others? According to the latest reports of British "Daily Mail" and official website of famous China frozen vegetables supplier Homeway Foods, two new British study found that, compared with the all of these so-called fresh fruits and vegetables in the supermarket of people's daily life, frozen fruits and vegetables contains more nutrients than them.

Leeds Hyde Food Research Association and the scientists from University of Manchester have completed 40 nutrition tests of fruit and vegetable including broccoli, carrots, blueberries and many other fruits and vegetables. All the result shows that after freezing, the nutritional ingredients content in those foods such as anti-cancer effects, vitamin and antioxidant are almost equal with the new picking fruit and vegetable and even higher than that in the fruit and vegetable which placed in the supermarket more than three days.

The researchers and related technician from Homeway Foods said that some supermarkets processed fruits and vegetables with the spray and other technologies to beautify the appearance of these fruits and vegetables and give consumers the feeling that these fruits are just picked. In fact, the transportation and storage of these fruits and vegetables have already wasted very long time which is about ten days or even longer than that. In this long period of transporting and storing, more and more nutrient have loss. However, the iqf vegetables and vegetables do not have this problem. They have been immediately frozen after picking from the trees and vitamins and antioxidants in them could be better kept.

However, the frozen food, fruits and vegetables also have their disadvantages. The most typically one among these frozen should be that light decrease in its taste and flavor. However, the taste of these fruits should be kept in the acceptable range and the consumer can select these frozen fruits, vegetables and food according to their actual situation and demand

In summary, no matter how beautiful of the appearance of so called fresh fruits and vegetables on the shelves in supermarket, people need to pay more attention to the inner nutrition content of these daily eating foods. However, the frozen fruits and vegetables could better preserve the vitamins and nutrition in very perfect condition so it could be the best choice for each people.


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