For lay persons, the compound nitrous oxide is vaguely remembered as a by-product of important chemical reactions back in the days of grade seven in school. Popularly known as ‘laughing gas’ or ‘nangs,' ‘nossies’ or ‘whippets’ in some linguistic circles, the whipped cream chargers have a huge industrial application and is in demand as an anesthetic and for making delicious recopies. Read on to find out more about cream chargers.

Typically, nitrous oxide is tasteless and has a faint sweet smell about it. Nitrous oxide chargers are mostly legally used for cooking purposes. For culinary aesthetics, chefs use nitrous oxide to make whipped cream and many more delicious concoctions which have a frothy texture.

Simply breaking it down, the physical process to make whipped cream is that the nitrous oxide dissolves itself into the grease of the cream, and the resultant effect is the foamy cream. The product thus made had a uniform texture and is without residue. The whipped cream chargers used have a long life and are easy to store at room temperatures. For casual chefs, one single charger can last up to a few weeks or a month. For culinary houses, about four to five chargers can be used up in a day.

Whipped cream from the chargers is different from hand whipped cream. The former method yields substantially more volume than the latter. The Chargers are also a much faster alternative. Also, opting for the cream chargers will ensure that your whipped cream is safe from bacterial decay and putrefaction because the nitrous oxide gas does not allow the oxygen to interact with the fat of the cream. This saves it from atmospheric oxidation and hence delays the process of it getting stale. Other food-based uses of nitrous oxide include innovative additions to sauces, batters, mousses, etc

These nitrous dispensers are very easy to use and can give you fancy and artful twists to your home-made desserts. Or you can also give your daily coffee installment a jaunty zing by lathering it with some whipped cream. All you have to do is mix in about 16 ounces of heavy cream with about three teaspoons of vanilla essence. Put this mixture into the dispenser and attach the whipped cream charger. Shake the apparatus properly and froth up anything that you care to revamp. Bon appetite!

Nitro brew coffee is also a very hip thing to try these days. It is incredibly easy to make. The coffee brew is kept concentrated and is maintained at cooler temperatures. This concentrate is then out under pressure with nitrous oxide and water while being dispensed from a nozzle. The resulting mixture is a beautiful eddy of brown and white colours as it is collected into a cup. The flavour of this delightful preparation is often compared to stout beer, and in appearance too, the analogy is understandable because of the firm foam that floats atop.

So get one cream charger today and enjoy the new sassy twist to your meals!

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