There is progress and development that have been significantly noted in almost all aspects about human living. Communication, transportation, and even food were now being designed and made to become more convenient in order to satisfy the growing demands of the public. 

And yet, with the growing demands of the public come the scarcity and even extinction of resources. In fact, this should be a worldwide and societal concern. The world is running out of resources. Unfortunately, the first aspect in society to feel its toll is the issue on housing. 

The challenge to establish a home: 

The economical, financial and even the political stimuli have brought about to this social topic. What is even more frustrating is that the issue on lack of proper housing is currently happening in one of the developed cities in United Kingdom, London. 

Take for instance the case of the married couple Munira and Assad. In the hopes that such country would actually bring them financial freedom, they ended up living worse than what the husband used to have in his hometown, Pakistan. While struggling to find a home for their future family as the wife is expecting a child, they found none that could fit in their means. And to their dismay, they had to finally settle living in a converted garage which is very far from being called a decent flat. What is most unfortunate is that the newborn baby had to live the entire first 8 months in that less of a home condition. 

Indeed, that is not the proper way to live but then, with all the restraints that are being posed as a challenge, tenants are given with no choice but to settle with a low standard home and those landlords had to “innovate” to earn. 

While such innovation is nothing short of an inhumane option, a lot of tenants would still have to prefer living in a converted garage rather than having to spend an entire night in the streets. Especially, if you have a kid, you need to settle for it as compared to the cold streets. 

Local officials have found this to be quite alarming and yet they still have yet to find the most viable solution for this increasing housing crisis. If not given a right solution, more and more households might have to consider this inhumane way of living. 

Until then, landlords and tenants would still have to max out all forms of revenue opportunity by making use of garages and even stockrooms as “flats”. 

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