The continuous and various advancements in technology led to the development of 3D printers. People may now print three-dimensional images, as long as theyhave the said printing machine and the suitable material to print the image on. While most 3D machines are now priced lower than they were two years ago, the limitations of existing 3D printers in terms of printing images on various and more affordable materials make the invention a rare item in many computer stores across the country. A lot of these printers can only print on plastics. If there are other printers that can print on other materials, these are not usually available or are being sold only for a limited time. While everyone knows their existence, it seems like millions of technology-based product consumers would have to wait a little longer until a firm decides to come up and mass release versatile and affordable 3D printers.

Fortunately, a French inventor is kind enough to come up with a 3D printer that he promises would not cost more than a thousand pounds as soon as it’s ready for mass production. He just needs to complete more trials on the product that he and his team has been doing for quite some time now.

Technology expert and inventor Jean-Michel Rogero, also known as Kolergy, has been working on a 3D printer that he calls StrongPrint. According to Rogero, StrongPrint is designed in order to print a dimensional image on a metal. With the help of his Artilect Fablab team, he is able to develop the printer using a welding process known as Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG). Together with TIG, Rogero employed the printing process formerly known as the Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM).

Rogero explained that the process of printing with StrongPrint begins by feeding a metal wire to a wire feeder installed with the printer. The wire is then brought to a small liquid pool and then melted by an electric arc created by the TIG welding process. The melted metal then becomes a part of the object which is also created by the electric arc.

As for the printing portion of the whole process, Rogero explained that the movement of SuperPrint’s extruder is inspired by the extruder movement of another 3D printer, the first version of Metal Delta RepRap. Currently, the 3D printer Rogero has invented can only print up to 3 layers deep, which he said he’s working on to make SuperPrint consumer-ready.

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