Newspapers are slowly going extinct and so is the practice of referring to online versions of the newspapers. Busy people just don’t have the time or the energy to visit each of the news website and gather information. The good news is the free news aggregator app is here to do this job for them. This cool new app is what a busy person needs, someone who needs to know what is going around the world.

The free news aggregator is a great tool for those too who want to keep themselves updated for career reasons. The program brings all the news feeds together on a single page making it easy and convenient for the reader to go through all the content. The seamless integration of the content makes the task very easy and convenient.

Also, with enhanced tools the news aggregator ensures that the content is updated from time to time to make sure the reader is aware of the latest happenings. It takes up very little space and is very easy to install.

About the news aggregator:

The 1.0 version of the news aggregator app has just been launched in the market and has already received top recommendations. What this app does is basically eliminate the fuss and the hassle involved with reading news online.

The app collaborates news from various websites based on the preference of the reader and then brings it all onto one page for easy viewing. Considering the app is free and for anyone to use, this is a great opportunity for users to get the app and not worry about poor quality.

The app which is highly functional is now available for free download at

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