Chennai, India. Astroved, an astrology company based in Chennai, India, uses web technology to bring ancient traditions of India to all parts of the world. The company predicts that during this year's Navratri celebration, new forms of the goddesses, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati, will emerge and their energies will usher in heaven on earth. To celebrate, Astroved is organizing three live web broadcasts of the ceremonies said to help the goddesses descend to the earth plane:

Although the web broadcasts take place in India, anyone with an internet connection can view the free web broadcasts from the comfort of their home by going to
In a move which says will bring the earth closer to the Satya Yuga (or Golden Age of Truth), each of the three traditional forms of the Goddess will become know in their new forms. These new forms are: Ayur Devi, the new form of Durga, Amrita Lakshmika, the new Lakshmi, and Anuradha Kramana Saraswati.

Ayur Devi shakti, or energy, will help the world to rediscover siddha medicine and Ayurveda for healing the body-mind. Amrita Lakshmika will reinvent the world economy, and Anuradha Kramana Saraswati will bring a new form of knowledge and technology to the world.

Astroved has also established charity services, so one may arrange for Sponsorship for Music and Art Classes Teacher for 1 year, Educational Grants, and school supplies for poor children.

Telecasts will run live on three of the most auspicious days.

Live Telecast Schedule (IST Timings)

Homa to Ayur Devi - September 21st, 2009 6:00 PM till 8:00 PM
Homa to Amrita Lakshmika - September 24th, 2009 6:00 PM till 8:00 PM
Homa to Anuradha Kramana Saraswati - September 27th, 2009 6:00 PM till 8:00 PM

About: was founded by its CEO Dr. Pillai, a well-respected Vedic astrologer with extensive contacts in the international Vedic Astrology community. Astroved was created to provide immediate personalized answers to a members‘ individual questions based on the principles of Vedic Astrology. The services Astroved provides, fulfill a need people need answers that are timely, authentic, and clear.

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