The old adage that it takes 21 days to create a new habit in life has been proven through numerous research studies.

San Francisco, CA — February 13, 2014 — The key that they do not offer, however, is how to create a new habit. What ways can people keep themselves accountable in order to change their life, be more productive, and maximize their time management skills? Enter Lifelist, free habit tracking software that rewards people for creating daily goals and reaching the accomplishments they set. By tying the rewards system to a virtual currency, Lifelist offers unique features tied to modern technology and is ideal for lifehackers and professionals alike.

Lifelist goal software lets companies and teams track their habits. Members who complete the tasks on their list are given Lifecoin, a new virtual currency. While similar programs offer incentive through simple messages of congratulation to the user, James Stinson, founder of Lifelist, wanted to incorporate the idea of new technology into the new goal-based application. "I always loved the concept of Bitcoin, but I thought why give all the fun of mining to a small group of computer geeks with massive server farms?” says Stinson. “By using Lifelist you also mine at least 1 virtual currency per day," he explains. Daily interaction with the goal setting software gives users 1 Lifecoin, the currency of Lifelist.

As a virtual currency, Lifecoin can be used to buy a variety of things from life coaching from a top entrepreneur to time at the Happy Jacana retreat which boasts a private chef, a massage therapist, and more. Stinson hopes that as Lifecoin currency grows in popularity, more people will be motivated to create and track their habits using Lifelist. The goal is to make the Lifelist marketplace a safe zone for approved products or services that can helps its users live a happier life at their full potential. The company has decided to filter out what goes into the Lifecoin marketplace, much like the Apple Store ecosystem, which will allow for Lifelist to give users the option to make purchases with Lifecoins or a combination of Lifecoins and dollars.

Lifelists can be shared with anyone a user chooses. Users can even compete with friends to see who is the most disciplined at completing their lifelist. Trainers, life coaches, business professionals, and more can find an effective user for themselves and their clients in Lifelist.

To get started with Lifelist or to sign up to track goals and earn while completing a to-do list, go to and get started..

About Lifelist
Lifelist is a free web based app that allows teams and individuals to track and reinforce important habits. also offers a way to earn 1 Lifecoin per day, a new form of virtual currency that can be used in the Lifelist marketplace. Sign up for a free account at

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