09, August 2016: Up till now, Airwheel has launched series of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter-X-, Q-, S-, A-, Z-, and E etc. which have generated huge popularity throughout the country, leading the way in green and healthy transports. Here is a general review of the brilliant features of Airwheel E series of foldable e bike that attract consumers.

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Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters have been well-recognized by the public due to many of its excellent performances, like high-tech materials, zero carbon emission, fashionable style as well as humanized design that provides convenience and pleasure for daily travels. “Free intelligent life” has become the well-accepted concept of green transportation with Airwheel electric scooters. Here is a general review of the brilliant features of Airwheel E series of foldable e bike that attract consumers.


Airwheel E series including E3 and E6 smart electric folding bikes is marvelously featured by flexibility and deeply loved by those who love traveling. The best folding electric bicycle can make riding easy and relaxing. Airwheel e bikes install 300W powerful customized high performance hub motor, integrating the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking system to the 8inch wheels, in order to offer more powerful and stable force.


What’s more, combined with the branded lithium battery, Airwheel electric bike reviews bid farewell to burning and explosion, as it is safeguarded by the BMS (battery management system). The BMS may prevent operation outside the battery's safe operating area by including an internal switch (such as a relay or solid state device) which is opened if the battery is operated outside its safe operating area; requesting the devices to which the battery is connected to reduce or even terminate using the battery.


In addition to trustworthy internality, the innovative externality of Airwheel electric bike is also worth noting. Light and stable X shaped design of Airwheel E6 and double O shaped Airwheel E3 smart electric folding bike can bear 100KG load, a remarkable combination of structure and material. Airwheel smart electric folding bikes achieve impeccability in every aspects of product details, reflecting marvelous professionalism and outstanding considerations for human and nature in each type of Airwheel E series.

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