To help aspiring screenwriters learn how to write and format their spec screenplays, creative writer Brian Scott has compiled and reviewed the most useful free ebooks on screenwriting . Established as a dynamic “Lens” at, Mr. Scott comments on 20 valuable ebooks on developing a TV or film script with the intention of selling it to a film agent, movie studio, or production company.

In gathering the top books for inclusion, Scott evaluated each one on the caliber of the material and the helpfulness of the author’s expertise. The outcome is that each ebook is created by a professional scriptwriter or a trade professional working in the entertainment industry.

Delivering a range of essential areas of interests, writers will learn: What Makes a Good Screenstory?; How to Structure Your Screenplay; How to Write Character Dialogue; How to Evoke Emotional Responses from Viewers; How to Write a First Draft; How to Sell a Screenplay; and many other topics on breaking into this industry.

As an accomplished freelance writer for more than a decade, but a novice screenwriter by hobby, Brian Scott knows the value of honing one’s craft to perfection. “The screenwriting trade is the most difficult field to break into for a writer of any skill-level,” according to Scott. “You can be the most prolific writer with a few self-published books in your repertoire, but none of this matters if you don’t learn the rules of screenwriting, and knowing how to pitch your finished script.”

Following each recommended book, Scott adds his own insights and tips from what he has learned from the author. He presents these tips in a concise List-style format so that readers can quickly glean the most valuable advice.

Scott’s special Squidoo Lens, “Free eBooks on Screenwriting,” as well as his other Lenses on writing in general, are available at . Scott frequently updates his Lenses with new content throughout the year.

Brian Scott is a full-time freelance writer with more than a decade of experience. In his off-hours he enjoys reading fiction, writing short stories, and working on the next block-buster screenplay. He writes informative articles on different writing topics at

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