USA - Smart phones and other mobile devices have made it possible to carry one’s entertainment with oneself. But sometimes people might want to view their favorite videos on a big screen and maybe share the videos and movies with others. In such cases, one might want to convert the videos and movies from 3GP to some other popular format like MKV for which this 3GP to MKV Converter can be useful.

The basic advantage of converting 3GP files to MKV format is that apart from being able to view them on video playing devices it is also possible to burn the files to DVDs. This makes saving and sharing the videos more convenient. But changing format of files isn’t easy unless one has the proper software. So, this 3GP to MKV Converter is useful to make the required conversion, additionally comes with many desirable features and can be used free of cost. Interested users can just go to the website and directly download the software, without having to pay in any way for the download.

The website says, “The Free 3GP to MKV Converter is of a small size that makes the conversion happen in very less time. The presence of a user guide makes it even easier for users to comprehend the process.”

This software also supports other formats including MP4 and AVI. Hence it is a versatile tool. Using the software is very easy since it comes with a simple and easy to understand layout. And in case users have any problems they can makes use of the user guide provided. Additional options to set the various parameters of the videos are also available. The conversion is done very quickly and the quality of the media remains unaffected due to the conversion.

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The website provides users with the handy and useful 3GP to MKV Converter free of cost.

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