is one of the best sources for free woodworking plans for both indoor and outdoor projects. "Individuals who are in search for a particular woodworking plan," said site owner Jason G. Cardell, “will know that it can be difficult and time consuming. Our site is specifically designed to make the task a lot easier to handle without consuming all your time. All the plans that we add are properly labeled in alphabetical order and categorized."

Most of the plans available in the website are ideally for wood projects. The plans include big-scale projects such as porches and garden sheds, and up to small-scale projects such as bird feeders and birdhouses. Also available are plans for other projects that are not made out of wood such as the brick BBQ plans. If you are in search for free plans for an upcoming project, you will no longer need to resort to paid plans.

With the 15 free bird feeder plans recently added, any individual who loves birds or simply want to attract birds to their garden or backyard can easily do so by building them a house and feeder. The urge to buy a readymade bird feeder is no longer needed since the bird feeder plans are easy to build. Additionally, individuals have different choices of bird feeders to choose from. For those who are skilled enough with woodworking, there are complex projects as well.

The bird feeders available at the site include bird table, hardware cloth suet feeder, wooden bird feeder, hex bird feeder, gourmet bird feeder, Victorian bird feeder, pine cone bird feeder, tray bird feeder, and many more. All of these projects will include the list of materials and instructions that are easy to understand.

About was created by Jason G. Cardell, an experienced woodworker. The site was initially established back in 2011; today there are over 200 plans for large outdoor structures and small projects, all available for free. For more information regarding the bird feeder plans simply visit the site.

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