14, May 2015: Freddie and Sebbie released their Car Kick Mats on Amazon just 2 years ago, with a promise to supply the supreme protection for car seats from spots and scuff-marks left by children’s mucky shoes. The auto-protective seat cover kick mats come with a lifetime warranty and are currently readily available at savings prices in celebration of a successful two years trading solely on Amazon.

Kick Mats

Main business spokesman, Neil Speight, stated in his latest press conference that lots of car owners are frequently worried about stains and scuff-marks being left on their car seats, which are commonly down to food and beverage spillages, or due to muddy and dirty shoe marks left by kids sat in the back of the car. He added: “Freddie and Sebbie has brought an end to such worries with the supreme security offered by our Car Kick Mats, which have been designed to fit most cars. As part of the second anniversary celebration, the item is currently readily available at a discount price on Amazon.com.”

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According to the description seen on Amazon.com, this luxury car seat protector (or kick mat) has been designed specifically to keep vehicle back seats 100% clean, with an easy setup, and simple cleaning. Many Amazon customers who have acquired the Freddie and Sebbie Car Kick Mats have said in their product reviews that it is the perfect option for instantaneous car seat protection. Neil Speight also said, “The car seat protector improves the life of car interiors, preventing the need to change seats and covers again and again. Getting our Car Kick Mats is a safe investment that will bring a long-term advantage, and the free warranty offered as part of the package likewise consists of a life time replacement warranty.”

The vehicle seat protector from Freddie and Sebbie is presently trending on Amazon with lots of people seen to be enjoying the genuine benefits of this innovatively developed product. Shauna Marie mentions in her Amazon review: “After a lot of research, both online and in stores, I settled for these kick mats by Freddie and Sebbie. I could not be happier!” While Katie Deliberti expresses her appreciation when she states, “Love them, easy to set up, and covers the complete back side of my car seat!”

There are a host of favorable ratings available on Amazon that can help customers in learning more about the features of the Freddie and Sebbie kick mats and multiple benefits of this accessory. The Freddie and Sebbie Car Seat Protector Kick Mats are offered in packs of two, assisting to protect both the driver and passenger seats. For more information about this item or to place an order at the savings rate presently readily available, visit the exclusive Freddie and Sebbie Amazon storefront.

For further information about these new Freddie and Sebbie’s Kick Mats, please visit the following website: http://www.amazon.com/Kick-Mats-Protectors-Scuffmarks-Auto-Protective/dp/B00CASDZKC/

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