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September 21, 2015 — Frank Ellis, a tax expert and published author, has unveiled new information covering H & R online tax filing in 2016. The article provides an introduction to the tax agency and the software it provides to help people in all tax situations. It also highlights the affordable pricing and online services for those on a budget and who can save time.

An overview of plans, pricing, and features is provided next. Noting the agency’s interview style approach to helping file federal and state returns, the article first reveals H & R Block’s Free Plan. This option includes itemized deductions and reporting of dividend or interest income. It also supports W-2 importing and Affordable Care Act requirements. Users will be prompted to upgrade if they pick a feature not covered.

The Basic Plan is covered next, allowing taxpayers to access prior year returns and supporting the Earned Income Credit. Mobile apps can be used for filing. A Deluxe Plan charges separate amounts for federal and state returns, says the author, but it supports charitable donations and Schedule D. Customers also get a 10% refund if they use a gift card. With the Premium Plan, Schedule C and Schedule E support are included.

Additional features beyond the standard plans are outlined. Ellis adds detail about the agency’s free live phone and chat support, real-time refund updates, and the option to start a tax return without creating an account right away. In-person audit support and the ability to use tax refunds to pay for services are also highlighted in the article.

Several advantages are listed. The author notes H & R Block’s affordability, refund bonuses, and that one can pay with their federal or state refunds. Availability of physical branch locations is also noted as an advantage. In closing, Ellis banks on the perks of using an online tax preparation program.

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