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May 6, 2015 — Tax preparation specialist Frank Ellis explains H&R Block’s Free Tax Refund Calculator available for 2015. Users can estimate refunds or how much they owe. This service offered by the company is available whether one files online or at a local office.

In the article, the author explains how the refund calculator works. Instructions and on-screen tips are provided. Once the user gets started, estimated refunds are calculated at the top of the screen. This number is updated throughout the session. All calculations are made based on the latest IRS guidelines.

Ellis goes on to cover each page of the calculation too. These include the “About You” page where the taxpayer’s filing status, age, dependents, and other household information is entered. Other pages provide screens regarding W-2 form wages, dividends, government benefits, and other income.

Users can enter their expenses on the appropriate page. Types of expenses include State taxes, donations, mortgage interest, and educational or childcare expenses, according to the author.

The results page provides an overview of taxable income, taxes, and types of credits that apply. Taxpayers also see how much they owe or will get back as a refund.

Ellis discusses the benefits of the tax refund calculator further. The free tool provides accurate estimations and is available year round. One can use it as they make important life decisions, the article explains. Another benefit the author says is the tool lists all the documents one needs to file their taxes properly.

Advice on tax breaks, deductions, and more is also provided. In addition, readers have access to other article posts and can leave a reply by commenting directly on the page.

For more information, go to H&R Block tax refund calculator.

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