Carl Frampton vs Scott Quigg Live Stream #Boxing Fight The Panel pick their favourite super-bantamweight stars

Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg's battle will not only decide who is the best super-bantamweight in Britain, but arguably the world.

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The 122lb division has been home to some of boxing's biggest names and their achievements as super-bantamweights remain recognised even if many moved up in weight to enjoy even more success.

The super-bantamweight division started in 1977 - who is the best we've seen at that weight?

To go with our all-time Top 10, we also asked The Panel to reveal their favourite and the reasons for their choices.

It's almost impossible to compare fighters from different eras but for me it is the current No 1, Guillermo Rigondeaux. He might not be the greatest to watch but I just can't see the others beating him at his prime.

Rigondeaux is going off the boil a bit but he is just a masterful technician. His defence is unbelievable and if you can't hit someone, you can't be beaten by him. His style isn't putting bums on seats because he is simply too good. I would loved to have seen Pacquiao fight him at super-bantamweight. He'd have leaped all over him.

Erik Morales has to be my favourite. I loved watching Naseem Hamed but he did most of his damage at featherweight and I also loved watching Wayne McCullough because he was so exciting, but I can't really look beyond Morales.

He was a better fighter at range than any of them but there is no way he would struggle on the inside either. Morales was one of the taller super-bantams who could box on the outside but also bang on the inside - he felt just as comfortable there. His little dip-down when he goes for the body and his classic style are two things I'd love to emulate.

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