Long gone has the time when deserving candidates would be handed right jobs without any effort on part of the candidate. We have reached an age where the number of job opportunities dwarfs the number of job seekers by quire some margin. This is one of the main reasons a number if candidates are running after creating online portfolio free of cost. On similar lines, a myriad of free online portfolio sites have been launched to make the job easier for fresh professionals and entrepreneurs.
Resume and portfolio: what’s the difference?
Though both of them meet similar ends, they cannot be one and the same thing. There is actually an ideological difference between a resume and a portfolio. A resume often summarizes the entire professional career of a candidate. On the other hand the job of a portfolio is pretty much cut out. A portfolio, in stead of covering what a candidate might have done in his/her professional career, highlights the project that the candidate deems most fit. This might not necessarily include all the projects that the candidate has taken part in their career.
Which projects deserve a mention in the portfolio?
When it comes to creating online portfolio free from any cost, there can be a temptation to mention a many number of projects as one wishes in a bid to make the portfolio appear all the more meaty. It is however important to note that a meaty portfolio is not necessarily a rewarding one. As far as the incorporation of important projects in the portfolio is concerned, only the projects that have contributed to the professional growth of the candidate deserve a mention in the portfolio. These are precisely the projects, based on the verity of which, employers are to decide on the credentials of a candidate.
Importance of a compelling introduction
When it comes to portfolios, the book is very much judged by the cover. It is important to make the introductory part of the portfolio as attractive as possible. There are several things about the online portfolio that can make a difference, the introduction being the most prominent among those. Some of the best free online portfolio sites advise their visitors to make the introduction of the portfolio precise and informative at the same time. The profile of the candidate shall be conveyed clearly in the introduction itself. If the candidate incorporates a shady introduction in the portfolio, there are great chances that the employers will not even consider further scrutiny of the portfolio.
Brevity is the mother again
All said and done, no one is interested a gabbling excuse of a ranting that has been shaped in the template of a portfolio. It is important that the entire portfolio is kept simple and brevity is maintained in design and direction throughout. On second thoughts, a concise portfolio that has all elements fall in place also reflects a pattern the owner of the portfolio follows in his own profession — sheer professionalism. This is also at the core of the design of some of the best online portfolio free of any cost.
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