Are you looking for a new way to promote your company and are thinking about business card magnets These are practical tools to get the word out about your brand because most people want them and will place them in a central location such as a refrigerator. However, there are four creative ways that you can ensure that the potential customers that receive them will find your business card magnets useful. 

Blank space for messages 

Do you like to use dry erase boards What makes these items convenient is that you can leave a temporary message and erase it with a paper towel. For a place like a refrigerator, they can be invaluable in almost any home. For this reason, if you have the option, you can leave a lot of blank space on larger business card magnets and give away an item you know customers will use long-term. 

Calendars are a hit 

These days, people use computers for everything but the year-at-a-glance calendar is here to stay. Instead of giving a paper version, include your company logo and a 12-month calendar on your business card magnets. Each time the customer wants to look at the date, you know they will also be reminded about your business. 

Useful information 

You do not need to be a company that is related to the food industry to make business card magnets that include practical cooking information that everyone needs. For example, cooking conversion charts are important when following recipes. 

Important community dates 

Are you a local business that relies on members of the community to be your customers Placing a focus on this aspect can be accomplished with business card magnets that remind everyone of key events coming up in the next year. Good examples are the first day of school, your company’s once-a-year sale, and dates for all other city-wide holiday celebrations.
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