Fotos Pittadjis is one of the most prominent lawyers in Cyprus and the head of F. Pittadjis Law Firm. 

Sine 1999, when he graduated from the University of Exeter, he has been practising law with great success in Cyprus, Greece and the United Kingdom. 

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He has an impressive record of cases which he has won in the local courts and he is considered to be one of the top legal minds in the country. 

Furthermore, he is one of the most well connected professionals in Europe since his large clientele from corporate law extents to the highest ranking officials all over Europe. 

He has recently being married with the well known actress Nikoletta Kara and his lifestyle is a subject of many lifestyle magazines and newspapers. 

Some of his close friends include A.C Milan, Paolo Berlusconi, the President of Democratic Party Marios Karogian, many other politicians, local and international celebrities. 

He is considered as one of the most powerful men in Europe and trusted as a close advisor of the Cyprus Government. 

Mr. Pittadjis is probably the best lawyer of the country. His father, George Pittadjis, and his brother, Antreas Pittadjis, are also lawyers and the three of them create a dynamic team and a strong organization. 

The two of them, George and Antreas Pittadjis, specialize on litigation whereas Fotos Pittadjis specialize on corporate and international law as well as business consulting. 

Mr. Pittadjis has represented thousands of Europeans that have invested either in Cyprus or in other European Countries with great success. 

He is considered by many to be a consulting guru for many international and well known businessmen and investors all over the world. 

For Media Contact:
Fotos Pittadjis
7, Ayiou Georgiou Street.
P.O.Box 33066 – 5310
Paralimni – Cyprus
Tel: +357 23 812 300
Fax: +357 23 812 301