10, October 2015: Shuttling back and forth in the traffic flow, avoiding any vehicles, riding the motor bicycle fast are the normalcy of delivery man every day. Though delivery man tries his best to deliver the food, the food is always cold or soft and is not delicious to eat. Traffic jam and unstable travel are the two key points of unpalatable take-out. Fosjoas V9 welcomes the new era of food delivery since the electric scooter can be traveled even in traffic jam, the stable travel also keeps the quality of food.


Fosjoas V9 is the upgraded model since unless general self-balancing electric scooter, it equips with the handles to hold on. This design can help riders to keep balance, the delivery man with big delivery bag in particular. Fosjoas V9 also keeps the travel stable due to its magnetically levitated electric machine. The motor is powered by electricity and it makes no noise. This can increase the stability of travel which is good for food delivery.

Fosjoas V9 takes up small area, so it is very easy to shuttle back and forth in the traffic flow, even traffic jam cannot stop the step of delivery man. As a result, the delivery man can deliver food fast to keep its temperature and quality. Even in the winter or bad weather, the food can be delivered to the customers in time. That is to say, this two-wheeled electric scooter is the guarantee of good food delivery service.


The whole body of Fosjoas V9 is made up with aluminum alloy, which is light and strong. This material can resist most shocks or strikes so it can keeps the safety of riders to the most extent. Only the delivery man ensure his safety, can the food be delivered to satisfy the customers? So the electric scooter must be standard configuration of each restaurant to attract most customers and expand its food delivery service. Customers can enjoy the meal on every busy working day.

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