09, September 2016: Fosjoas V8 twin-wheeled electric scooter offers efficient and relaxing riding experience for people. It plays an important role in people’s daily life. Even if it is in hot summer, Fosjoas V8 twin-wheeled electric scooter is still a convenient transport for people as long as they wear enough sunscreen. Then, people can pass through the hot summer smoothly.


In the hot summer, walking five minutes will be sweltering. Therefore, many people prefer to stay in air-conditioning room all day long. When it comes to going out, they have a headache. Driving a car consumes much more gasoline in summer, because the operation of air conditioning asks for energy. What is worse, traffic jam can’t be avoided, especially in rush hours. Taking public bus or subway needs to bear the jam and smelly sweats. Fosjoas V8 twin-wheeled electric scooter is the blessing to summer travels and the precondition is to wear enough sunscreen before going out.

The ultraviolet light is much stronger in hot summer and thus sunscreen with high SPF is a must. Before going out, people had better wear sunscreen on face, neck and naked arms and legs. Then, they can ride Fosjoas V8 twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter and go to anywhere. Fosjoas V8 twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter is very small and thus it can weave on road quickly. Generally speaking, riding Fosjoas V8 twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter saves people 400% time than usual, which largely shortens the time that people are exposed under sunshine.


In the meantime, it is very easy to control Fosjoas V8 twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter. All of operations are realized by body movements. For instance, lean forward to accelerate and move forward, while lean backward to decelerate and brake. It is very comfortable to ride Fosjoas V8 electric scooter. In the early morning, people even will feel the cool in hot summer. Every season has its own beauty and it is the same with summer. It is violent sunshine that compel people to stay at home. Actually, as long as people can adjust their state of mind, Fosjoas V8 electric scooter and high-SPF sunscreen will take them blend into this season and appreciate its special.

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