26, August 2015: In ancient times, when human beings looked up the birds in the sky, they wondered how and when they could fly like birds. Since Brother Wright invented the first plane in the year 1903, human beings’ dream of flying has come true. In the new age, Moben Global Inc. rolled out a kind of intelligent vehicle-Fosjoas electric scooters K3. They give users a pair of wings to help them move freely on the ground.


As a new Fosjoas 2-wheeled intelligent scooter, K3 continued the powerful performance of former products and made some upgrades. Fosjoas K3 still adopts the original Sony lithium batteries, famous Cheng Shin Tyres and synthetic resin shells which are made of advanced nano material. In addition, K3 uses several 18650 SONY lithium batteries in parallel. The capacity of every lithium battery is up to 2600mAh, and capacity density is more than 5 times of traditional lead acid battery. K3 has a longer range and citizens can go farther with it. As a result, citizens with Fosjoas K3 have no need to worry about the range problems and traffic problems.

The biggest change of Fosjoas K3 is its structure. Industrial designers add a seat to K3. owing to the standing-posture of former self-balancing scooters, users always feel very tired after long-time standing. However, when riders use Fosjoas sitting-posture scooter K3, the center of gravity is no longer put on two legs while sitting. If users want to have more exercises on K3, they can also choose to stand. With the new sitting system, users have more choices with Fosjoas electric scooters. What’s more, when most females are parking K3, their feet can easily touch the ground. These considerate designs make users’ cycling on K3 safer.


The birds fly freely in the sky with wings, and citizens can travel without restraint in cities with Fosjoas electric scooter K3. Riding a Fosjoas electric scooter K3, users can have another way of life.

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