BOULDER, CO — Forte Supply, a leading distributor of froyo (frozen yogurt) machines, is helping small business owners, the world over, enjoy sweet and cool success. The company today announces the launch of its new international line of eco-friendly 220V self-serve frozen yogurt machines.

Designed as a green technology, the Forte Supply SS100 is ISO 14001 certified, the highest environmental management system (EMS) rating issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The machines feature simplified maintenance and cleaning operations, an easy-read, digital-touch display panel and snap-back levers to prevent unnecessary leaking. Hopper refrigeration maintains yogurt product at a cool 41 degrees Fahrenheit/5 degrees Celsius. Business owners will also enjoy the convenience of the Forte Supply “Wearable Parts Program,” where they receive quarterly kits containing everything needed to keep SS100 machines running smoothly.

The U.S. electrical supply is 110 volts, 60 Hz (Hertz) cycles; whereas, many of the world’s countries use 220 volts, 50 Hz cycles. The new Forte Supply 220V frozen yogurt machine eliminates the need for non-U.S. froyo business owners to use step-down or step-up transformers to convert voltage for their equipment. This voltage compatibility is poised to support a growing demand in the froyo franchise industry.

According to the Frozen Yogurt Industry Analysis 2013: Cost & Trends report published by, the world’s largest independent information resource for those thinking about investing in a franchise, the vast majority of froyo franchises are self-serve. This fact results in significantly lower labor costs when compared to most food franchise opportunities. The report also found that yogurt’s versatility is also a profitability factor, as franchisees can incorporate an unlimited number of regional ingredients to create unique froyo flavors.

“The world understands the language of delicious desserts, and frozen yogurt will always be a favorite treat,” says Forte Supply company founder and CEO Jeff Resnick. “With this in mind, we wanted to develop a cost-effective frozen yogurt machine that would support small business owners globally. As of March 15 of 2013, this endeavor has proved to be a success.”

The company is offering financing options to small and new business owners looking to start a froyo business. Interested parties can inquire about purchasing the Forte Supply SS100 soft serve ice cream machine by visiting the company website (

About the Company:

Forte Supply is a distributor of eco-friendly and cost-effective frozen yogurt machines for small and new business owners looking to enter into the froyo business.

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