Fort Lauderdale, FL — Plumbers 911, a Broward County company launched in 2012, is a referral service for expert plumbing contractors. The company provides South Florida residents with access to the area’s top-rated plumbers. With a single call, Plumbers 911 can assess the customer’s need, find qualified plumbers, and dispatch available contractors that can assist in record time. But the company’s approach to potential customers is perhaps its most unique quality.

Plumbers 911 designed its new website to provide objective, expert advice and support for people hoping to avoid calling a plumber. The site provides a How To section that gives readers tips on plumbing maintenance and solutions to common problems. For example, those Florida residents contemplating calling a plumber for a toilet leak can go to and find advice on how to diagnose and fix the problem at home.

The business also focuses on tips that will help homeowners prevent common plumbing problems. Visitors to the site can find information on how cold weather, rain, and sediment, can affect fixtures and pipes. As the seasons change, Plumbers 911 plans to update its seasonal support section to include the most relevant material. It also publishes product reviews and other helpful articles in its Blog, to give people accurate information when preparing for home repairs.

Plumbers 911 says that the reason for its focus on advice and education is to build trust with potential customers. They are not in the business of scamming hardworking people who, with a little help, could have avoided costly charges by doing the work themselves. The company hopes that this new website design and interactive forum will encourage residents to try their own reasonable repairs and to call this company for more complicated and professional Fort Lauderdale plumbing services .

In addition to its Blog, How To section and Seasonal Tips, the website also features an online contact section where users can submit a message to the company and will receive a response to their question or service request. This Fort Lauderdale plumber hopes that its focus on customer service will be evident to visitors of their new site.

Contact Information:
Name: Plumbers 911
Media Contact Name: Phil Trucks
Address: 5931 NW 173 Dr B-5 Miami, FL 33015
Phone: 305.662.0669 or 954.468.0512
Email: [email protected]