Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 5, 2013: Dr. Sawisch is a well-known name among the cosmetic patients throughout Florida. Now, he has discovered a revolutionary cosmetic procedure technique that can guarantee amazing results and can transform one’s appearance, making him/her to look more beautiful and youthful. This Fort Lauderdale Four Dimensional Facelift can dramatically change one’s looks and this is one of the least-known cosmetic procedures in which Dr. Sawisch has established himself as a skillful practitioner.

The area of plastic surgery has been witnessing a technical evolution with the introduction of new technologies such as laser therapies, endoscope, biocompatible facial implant procedures and tissue healing. However, the Four Dimensional Facelift is a relatively new technique and only a handful of plastic surgeons have the knowledge and skills to carry out this procedure. Dr. Sawisch is one of them, and he and his accomplished team of plastic surgeons carry out this procedure at their clinic in Fort Lauderdale. They guarantee amazing facelift and corrective results that are impossible to achieve through a traditional facelift.

According to Dr. Sawisch, a traditional cosmetic procedure is typically a skin-tightening process where patients can see some visible results, although which may not be long-lasting. “On the other hand, the Four Dimensional Facelift is a revolutionary technique where the skin-tightening process is applied layer by layer. It involves several principles and it gives long-lasting results,” maintains Dr. Sawisch. According to him, his Fort Lauderdale Four Dimensional Facelift can give a person a natural appearance and helps him/her regain the youthful looks.

The Four Dimensional Facelift is a sophisticated technique that requires high-tech instrumentation for carrying out the procedure. The procedure is brought to the mainstream plastic surgery by Dr. Stephen Watson. Dr. Sawisch had the opportunity of working under Dr. Watson and learning the skill sets and the intricacies required to carry out the Four Dimensional Facelift procedure with perfection and accuracy. With the new technique of facelift procedure, Dr. Sawisch is now bringing a new ray hope in the lives of people who want to regain their natural beauty. To learn more about Dr. Sawisch and his Four Dimensional Facelift procedure, one may follow the link .

About Dr. Todd Sawisch:

Dr. Todd Sawisch is a board certified Maxillofacial Surgeon specializing in facial cosmetic surgery. He has been offering cosmetic surgical procedures to his patients for years. He has appropriate surgical training, cosmetic skills and professional experience to offer exceptional cosmetic procedures. He, with his qualified team of plastic surgeons, offers relaxing facial and other treatments at his beautiful new state-of-the-art facility.

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