Whether it’s a movie theater, like in Colorado, a school in Connecticut or a hotel in Mumbai the difference between becoming a victim or escaping an active shooter situation can come down to a matter of seconds. In some cases knowing just a few simple tactics can become a difference between those who make it out alive and those who don’t.

Former Navy SEAL, NSA and bestselling author, Clint Emerson explains the keys to surviving an active shooter situation in this “Active Shooter Survival” session during the upcoming “Prepper World Summit 2”, holding from May 16th - 25th.

According to Clint Emerson, the following are some of the key tactics of maximizing your chances of survival in an active shooter scenario.

* Don’t panic: In a situation like this, people frequently panic and freeze, which is one of the worst things anyone can do. Also there have been stories of people panicking and running straight into the line of fire towards the shooter.

* Take cover: During an active shooter scenario take cover behind solid objects that have a better chance of stopping bullets. Drywall and doors aren’t really cover, instead they are concealment which can be penetrated by bullets.

* Get low on your hands and knees. Don’t “hit the deck” during an active shooter scenario as ricocheting bullets can travel on the ground for some distances, and your body and vital organs could be directly on their trajectory.

* Identify where the shots are coming from. Try to find out the direction of the shooter s this will give you a better chance of taking good cover.

* Increase the distance - Move swiftly, crawl with aggression, move in a Zigzag pattern, and increase the distance between you and the shooter. These will help you get away from danger and make you a smaller target, hence making you “harder to hit”.

An active shooter situation can happen anytime anywhere and with little to no warning. That’s why it's important to have a plan and the mindset to execute these survival strategies if the time comes.
In this session you will also discover the following;
* The signs to identify an active shooting situation before it happens.
* How to significantly improve your chances of survival during an active shooter scenario
* What to do if you absolutely have to fight back
* How to improve your chances of surviving an explosion.

To get access to Clint’s full session for free log on to www.thePrepperWorldSummit.com to reserve your ticket.

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