Matthew Knowles, a former Clemson University walk-on football defensive end, never imagined he would be a major Chinese celebrity shortly after graduating in 2008 with a degree in Civil Engineering.

Los Angeles, California (22 February 2016) — However, after spending several years in China, he is now one of the most recognizable film and television stars in the region.

“Life is really funny sometimes and has a way of surprising you when you least expect it,” says Knowles, now living part-time in Los Angeles as he still travels back to China to film Red Star Over China, a major series set for China’s number one television network. “After graduating, I went to the poorest area of China to teach English. This life-changing decision ultimately resulted in signing with my first agency, out of Singapore, and brought me to where I am today.”

Matthew is credited with being in over 100 Chinese films, television shows and series’ all across China, including Deng Xiao Ping, Red Sorghum, Eastern Battlefield and Love Me If You Dare. His crossover appeal has made him a hot commodity in films, as he speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese in addition to English. He was even the first Caucasian to ever be awarded a full Chinese Government Scholarship to study acting at Beijing Film Academy, the Juilliard of China.

Knowles says, “It has been incredibly humbling and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in so many films and televisions shows in addition to having studied at such a prestigious institution in China.”

While Matthew has had a taste of U.S. films, having been in the Hollywood/KRU studios co-production film, VIKINGDOM, he is now hoping to transition even more into the U.S. film and television market. His lengthy Chinese film and television resume, fluent command of Mandarin, and all-American story will certainly make him a major commodity in Hollywood and across the American film market.

Matthew is represented by Media Artist Group and Co-Managed by LINK / East West Artists in Los Angeles. You can learn more about Matthew Knowles by visiting his website at can also view several of his clips at

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