Orlando, FL — March 09, 2016 — Wear and tear due to years of walking or engaging daily activities often leads to osteoarthritis, which typically affects the elderly. However, unfortunately, it’s not only the elderly that is prone to arthritis but also athletes.

Former athletes believed to be more susceptible to joint problems. The strenuous activities that athletes constantly engage in can significantly speed up the degeneration of the joint cartilage. Even young, adult athletes are highly prone to arthritic conditions in the latter years of their lives.

In a new study, it was found that professional soccer players are 10 times more susceptible to hip arthritis whether they have suffered from noticeable hip injury or not.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine has featured a study that provided some evidence of joint problems among ex-athletes. In another research, it was also found that almost 50 percent of the 284 professional soccer and rugby players suffer from arthritis in their weight-bearing joints such as the hip or knee. The condition developed years after retirement.

Gordon J. Shepard, FRCS, a consultant orthopaedic and trauma surgeon in England, states that among 60 ex-soccer players, nine of them have reported experiencing hip osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis. Six of the players had hip replacement before they reached or while they’re in their 40s.

It has also been found that the risk of hip problems were 10 times more frequent even for  athletes who did not suffer from previous from injury. This finding was compared to a group of 136 men who were not athletes.

Today, many athletes are using pain medications just to reduce their pain and improve their overall condition. However, unfortunately, the use of these pharmaceutical drugs has been associated with side effects.
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One of the most popular natural alternatives for pain medications is glucosamine. There are many benefits of using glucosamine, and one is that it doesn’t cause side effects. It is also believed to repair damaged cartilage and regain its health.

Athletes may use glucosamine supplements not just to achieve pain relief and improve their performance but also protect their joints. Glucosamine is believed to be effective strengthening joint cartilage health and protecting it from deterioration.

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