April 11, 2013 – Tampa, FL— Your professional quality painter lives and breathes by the weathervane. Although the climate in Tampa, Florida is warmer and less seasonal, there are definitive patterns that affect the way that paint adheres to its respective surfaces and dries. Without understanding the dynamics of moisture and paint, could be the difference between success and disaster.

Painting companies like E & R Quality Painting, whose roots emanated from New York, totally understand and appreciate the climate differences between the North and South, especially in the Tampa Bay region. The Gulf of Mexico exposure provides a consistent blanket of humidity that other areas are not as susceptible to.

In this region of the United States, there is certainly a rainy season that occurs primarily in the summer. This is most problematic since sudden showers albeit short, are and can provide a wipeout of an exterior painting job that has been newly applied. The winters in Florida are also tricky because of the cold. Temperatures that fall below fifty degrees make the paint react differently in its drying and adherence to surfaces properly.

Therefore good painters plan their interior and exterior painting work carefully and around the weather patterns that certainly are seasonal. Interior work is pretty much year round while Spring and Fall are ideal for exterior painting. Tampa Bay enables more latitude with Winter and Summer months, however attention must be paid to weather forecasts and developing conditions throughout each day.

A good quality painting company will also know the brand and types of paint that react best to certain weather conditions and which ones can withstand varying warmth or cold conditions. Paint is a chemical that reacts to temperature no differently than humans do. There is an immediate reaction to certain level of changes in degrees as to how it dries and looks after it is applied.

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