The USD showed little improvement in the beginning of Forex session. Every major currency pair released with a big pause, GBP having largest gap of around 65 pips and AUD trading with 35 pips and the CAD trading with 27 pips.

The EUR, CHF and JPY all had slight gaps of less than twenty pips. In London, the Rightmove price index released and attained 2.8 percent, exceeding the height touched in November 2007 as home prices heights 0.2 percent from one-year earlier.

EUR/USD: The EUR started trading at 1.4885 less then eighteen pips. This pair is visualizing the neutral point at 1.4903 of resistance and has support level at 1.4850 in the last two trading sessions.

The trading break of the pair traded at 1.4780 in the last night trading session. However, the pair is expected to reach at the strength of 1.4970 of resistance area.

GBP/USD: GBP started this trading week with 1.6290 less then 65 pips indicating the strength of USD. The pair has opened its trading account with 20 pips greater then fifty-day moving average that is found at 1.6270.

The resistance area is around 1.6350 close to the hundred-day moving average location. The 1.6400 trading area also indicate about the resistance area where the pair placed in last week Forex trading.

AUD/USD: The AUD had a weak start at the trading platform traded with 35 pips and has found resistance 0.9150 level. The currency pair cannot manage to fill the gap from the weekend trading outcomes and is having support close to 0.9130.

This area is close to the support level of last Friday. The pair is still moving to lows with the level of 0.9000.
These are the Forex trading reports regarding the buying and selling positions of the major currency pairs.

The article monitors the Forex trading platform to give its readers, traders‘ up-to-date trading information, and the positions of the pair at the trading window. This information enables the traders to take trading decisions.

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