All the ministers from the G7 notified that the current development rates are not the data obtained from the analysis of well-built trade and industry performance, but the growth levels are founded basis of the stimulus plans implemented by many governments all over the world.

The final statement declared at the closing stages of the G7 meeting, organized in Istanbul, confirmed that the current volatility in the exchange rates of currencies might pressurize the economic firmness and thus influence the worldwide market.

Finance Minister of Japan, Hirohisa Fujii, altered his comments as earlier declared signifying that the Central Bank will not interfere in the matter of currency markets, and that the increasing value of the JPY will not create troubles for the Japanese market.

All through the G7 meeting, Hirohisa Fujii said that Japan is ready to interfere in the Forex markets, even though the G7 did not identify the downgrading of the USD.

It is significant to mention that the JPY has attained its maximum level in 8 months in opposition to the USD up to 88.24; this will depressingly influence the Japanese exports, that will unfastened their spirited benefit adjacent to other commodities.

Thus, financial strategy makers perverted their notice to the Forex markets as the Japanese economy directly depends on exports.

The government did not interfere in the Forex markets as the Q1 of 2004, when it traded 14.8 trillion JPY to steady the JPY.

In addition, even though Mr. Hirohisa Fujii did not pass on to the trend the government wants to spot its Forex currency in, up until now when it trade close to the 90.00 levels adjacent to the USD.

It is not considered as a relaxing phase, particularly as those levels do not mirror the performance of the Forex market and its essentials.

The drop in exports resulted in weak global demand even when the JPY has good strength; this reduces the profit earnings of the Japanese companies. This pushes them to reduce their working strength, in order to reduce their expenses.

This led the Unemployment Rate to 5.5% in August, adding to the fall in earnings and income that unenthusiastically influence the domestic sector and their capability to expend.

These are the few reports from the Japan and the fluctuations in the currency market due to the changes statements of the Japanese Finance Minister. This statement will surely affect the Forex trend negatively.

The article is giving reports about the events and statements of the G7 meeting regarding global economic development status. The growth rate is due to stimulus plans implemented by the governments of many countries not because of the real performance of the Forex trading actions.

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