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After the BOE meeting GBP traded low and the pair reached to the resistance area of 1.70 is now under pressure to loose this position and is expected to drop back to the level of 1.60 in the absence of proper fiscal support.

Looking towards the USD trade in the yesterday‘s session you will see that USD had a mixed response at the market and traded well against major currency pairs of the Forex but could not do much in front of EUR and CHF.

US economic data release astonished the traders and non-traders as well because the data are extremely varying.

Report of building and housing showed lower results as compared to what was expected out of it. It was near around 550,000 and 530,000 respectively.

The expectation for building outcome was around 590,000 and housing growth was expected to increase by 610,000. Few financial experts think that there is a fall in both the building and housing figure initiates to the termination of the government plan that permits $8,000 tax acclaim for those buyers who are purchasing home for the first time.

The UK and US trade information are sounding little tensed but whatever be the situation traders can pull out profits out of any kind of operational activities by the application of skilled trading tools.
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