San Diego, CA — Throughout the world the most common building material is not wood, but bamboo. Revered in Asia for centuries because of the cheap cost, versatility and durability, bamboo products are used all over the world to build houses and other structures. In the United States Forever Bamboo is the leading bamboo retailer, and they are proud to announce the expansion of their product line to include even more bamboo options.

For years Forever Bamboo has been the leading retailer for bamboo in California, but their business has now expanded online to include customers throughout the United States. They use only authentic bamboo from China and they work to ensure that the bamboo is cultivated and harvested using on ethical work practices. Their commitment to bringing quality bamboo products to market helps to make the world a better place by reducing Americans’ dependence on wood products.

When people think about bamboo the first thing that they picture is usually a row of bamboo reeds sticking up out of the ground. While many people still use bamboo in this way to construct walls and fences, bamboo products are actually much more diverse. Bamboo rugs are high quality floor accessories that do not crack or fade. Unlike traditional Western rugs, bamboo rugs are easy to clean and maintain. Homeowners can use bamboo blinds to give a room a different feel, and the blinds are much more eco-friendly than vinyl blinds that are on the market. For more traditional bamboo needs, Forever Bamboo has a full range of bamboo slats and fencing available as well.

The expanded product line at Forever Bamboo ensures that customers of all stripes will be able to find something they can use. The adaptability of the product line sets the stage for Forever Bamboo to expand their market presence and become a global bamboo powerhouse.

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