California, 04, April 2015: Foreclosure is still very much alive in California even though the economy has been improving and jobs have been created in the past few years. Many homeowners are still struggling to keep their jobs and taking pay cuts, or losing their jobs, or battling illness. Every day, borrowers receive notices of default and trustee sales that result in foreclosure auctions. Every day, the foreclosure lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group are in the trenches to stop foreclosure for distressed borrowers. 


For those that are looking for a foreclosure lawyer in Los Angeles to help stop the foreclosure sale, it is best to call and meet with one of the foreclosure attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group to discuss current situation and to look for an options. Their experienced attorneys focus on stopping foreclosure by filing cases in court. In some cases, the lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group can stop foreclosure within 30 minutes of receiving a client call. In past cases, their foreclosure attorneys have stopped trustee sales in less than 30 minutes of receiving a call from a distressed homeowner. 

The foreclosure lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group offer free meetings with homeowners in Los Angeles, California and throughout the state every day to discuss their options. It is best to ask specific questions about the case, and the lender to get legal advice that makes the most sense. Anyone who needs to know whether they have a strong claim against their lender based on their circumstances, the foreclosure attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group will take the time to research client case to make informed recommendations before giving advice. 

The foreclosure lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group provide legal help to homeowners facing foreclosure. Most of their clients are either fighting to save their home, or considering whether it makes sense to enter into a short sale. Their attorneys will look at facts and issues to give homeowners the best advice possible before collecting any legal fees. 

Foreclosure Lawyers Work in Client Favor 

Hiring a foreclosure lawyer is never an easy decision to make. Foreclosure lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group typically charge lower fees than most law firms, but these cases are time consuming and the fees can be costly. The key to find the right lawyer is making sure that the lawyer can explain the foreclosure laws and show how they will work in client favor. If client goal is to stop foreclosure sale, client should hire a foreclosure lawyer that can clearly explain how that will happen and how much time and cost is estimated for the case, prior to moving forward. 

Foreclosure lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group are very experienced in both bankruptcy and litigation. Their legal team has dedicated lawyers and experienced staff that will clearly explain foreclosure options and how to accomplish homeowners’ goals. 

Free Legal Advice 

Consumer Action Law Group offers free consultation to California homeowners that are facing foreclosure or have received a notice of sale. Call today for free legal advice and schedule a consultation with one of the foreclosure lawyers at their office in Los Angeles, California. Remember, before hiring a foreclosure lawyer, make sure they know how to stop foreclosure and can explain the process and the road ahead. 

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