Your forearms is not only the most visible muscle group of the body but your forearm strength can have the biggest impact and on functional movements both in the gym ad even at home.

Forearm strength is commonly overlooked and forgotten when it comes to enhancing someone’s strength and assessing their health. Research by various health professionals has proven that grip and forearm strength is one of the most influential factors of everyday activities and functional training in the gym.

Think about your daily routine and how often you use your hands. Whether it is to open a packet of food, to buckle your children up in the car, to get dressed, do your hair and open doors. All of these actions and motions require your forearms muscles. So the next question is, how can you improve it?

Forearm strength can be improved by using a gripping or squeezing motion. Creators of the Supreme Squeeze suggest using hand grippers on a regular basis will help you to see results without the risk of injury.

Hand Grippers are a safe, easy and affordable way for you to improve forearm strength and muscularity. The best part of it is you don’t need to leave the house to use hand grippers, you can use them while watching television or even while you are at work sitting at your desk.

Supreme Squeeze is a brand new product offering premium quality hand grippers suitable for the average person. With a 30kg resistance and complementary workout routines Supreme Squeeze hand grips provide an effective solution.

So the next time you are struggling to open a jar or even wishing your forearms had more definition check out the all new Supreme Squeeze Hand Grippers, available online now.

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