Hampton NH, April 10—Prost Specialty Beer & Wine (http://www.prostcraftbeer.com) has opened its doors at 44 Lafayette Road in North Hampton. Given the specialty and craft beer brewers though out New England, as well as the region’s intense interest in fine wines and wine tasting NH, the opening of a specialty store that celebrates these beverages is ideal.

“We believe that when it comes to fine wine and specialty craft beer North Hampton is an ideal location,” said Chris Tynan, owner and proprietor of Prost Specialty Beer & Wine.

In addition to craft beer North Hampton, Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine, Prost also carries specialty beers from California, other parts of the U.S. and from many areas of Europe in its craft beer North Hampton store.

Equally special, is Prost’s state of the art, temperature-controlled wine room, featuring specialty wines from all over the world and at all different price ranges. Regular wine tasting NH and beer tasting are a regular occurrence at Prost Specialty Beer & Wine store.

We like to offer a range of wines at our wine tasting NH events,” said Tynan. For the wine tasting NH event schedule visit http://www.prostcraftbeer.com

About Prost Specialty Beer & Wine

Born from Chris Tynan’s expertise with specialty craft beers and his sister and father’s knowledge of fine wine, Prost Specialty Beer & Wine has opened to celebrate all that is good about these incredible beverages. Indeed, the term “Prost” means celebrate and a toast to your good health. Central to the store are regular beer and wine tastings, the ability to answer questions and the desire to share in what they know about craft beer and fine wine, the people at Prost work to celebrate the best that craft beer and fine wines offer. For more information, visit http://www.prostcraftbeer.com