When a team moves on quickly, successfully and invincibly, people usually use descriptions like “the record is the only thing that hinders them” while referring to them. Soldiers of the New England Patriots had always been waiting to set another score, however, this anticipation was destroyed finally after being defeated by the Baltimore Ravens.

On January 21th Beijing time, the MLS Cup finals finished with an unexpected result. Patriots met with Ravens two years later again on the playground and this time Ravens won.

Before the game, every person in the NFL field had given their expectation and forecast. Now here comes the results and somebody laugh while others being upset. But during the competition, three players of Patriots got hurt and have to leave the battlefield—corner back Aqib Talib, defensive tackle Kyle Love and substitute security Patrick Chung. What’s more, tight end Rob Gronkowski was also disabled to attend the game because of fracture in left arm. It is a pity to miss a chance of watching the charming figure with Rob Gronkowski Jersey

Stephen Gostkowski 31 code free kick scored firstly for the Patriots. However, the Ravens got the scores back due to Ray Rice’s 2 code impact ball of the array. Later, Wes Welker’s 2 code catch up to array and Stephen Gostkowski’s 25 code free kick carry the New England Patriots lead the game in the first round of games. The score is 13 to 7. Tom Brady Jersey got the most attention of fans together with his master on the first round by passing 24 times and 14 out of them are completed successfully. But the situation changed when it comes to the second round. Only 29 times out of 54 times pass ball were finished. www.patriotssport.com has listed all this players’ jerseys for selection.

Linebacker Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens will finish his last game season two weeks later in New Orleans. He used to be prized with Super Bowl MVP in 2001 and that was also the only time that the Ravens win in the Super Bowl. This time, the defensive team of Ravens had done their best and performance excellently so that the best offensive team lead by Tom Brady not know what to do and finally lose the game. Before this competition, the combat gains of the New England Patriots are “total winner in 67 rounds”.

Now the whole game has come to a temporary end—the ones win in the MLS Cup will attend the chasing groups for the winner of the Super Bowl. And the individual player, of course, into the fighting for MVP ( most valuable player). The Baltimore Ravens are now the first time to get involved in this fight in 12 years. It has been an exciting moment yet a promising change for both the Ravens team and the people who always stand by them. Things might be better and better for their team and their heroes.

On the other side, we cannot leave out the New England Patriots. As we all know, it has many talents and skilled players as well as many players who have no talent for sports or football games yet industrious and finally got their honor all the same. This is an extraordinary team—this is a fact that no one, even the fans of other teams, can deny. Before they set records again and again, they had got through many difficulties and hard years. Things go well these years and maybe people just forget what they had experienced many years ago when they are not as famous as nowadays. These days, the New England Patriots are enjoying too many applauses and praises. Maybe it’s time for them and their fans to have a rest and sum up their lose and gain. We are anticipating that a new New England Patriots will show next time with new mental state and more cooperated team-work. They are promising! Always!